Admission Procedure

Medium Of Instruction

Medium of instruction shall be Hindi in Arts Faculty while in Science it will be English. The University supplies the Question Paper in Gujarati & English. The student may write answers in English, Hindi or Gujarati.For Admission

A Candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary (12th) School Certificate Examination conducted by the Gujarat Secondary Examination Board or an examination recognized equivalent (Diploma) there to be considered eligible for admission to:

  1. First Year Bachelor of Arts.

  2. First Year Bachelor of Commerce

  • Application in the prescribed admission form duly filled in English. Complete & correct.
  • Original mark sheet of 12th Std. , 12th passing certificate and an attested copy of School Leaving Certificate or the Transfer Certificate if the Student is coming from another College.

  • Eligibility Certificate in case the student has migrated from another University.

  • Two copies of passport size photographs for Identity card.

  • Blood Group Certificate.

  • Student shall deposit the fees in the prescribed time limit or admission will be treated cancelled.

  • The college reserves the right to reject any application for admission without assigning any reason whatsoever.



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