About Us

Education is the wealth of knowledge. The year 1961 was a time when Dehgam district was undergoing vacuum which desperately needed a better facility for higher education and a outlook for the young generation to respect the universal value of humanity. This was materialized by establishment of Dehgam Taluka Education Society. Dehgam Taluka Education Society is - the trust which has been in existence for more than four decades is a well reputed prestigious educational trust in Gujarat. The alumni of the college has managed and nurtured the trust to its present eminence. The trust was formed in 1961, and commenced its activities with a college and school in 1966 through the generous donations from the society and through the visionary efforts of Shri Vithalbhai Amin who is the founder President of the Trust

The year 1985 witnessed a sudden urge to develop a well equipped computer center and DELL lab to meet the rapid technological advancement. A feather in the cap of D.T.E.S. was added by establishment of Geetaben Patel Center of Interactive Learning which enabled us to keep pace with ever widening education flow. This auditorium is equipped with audio-visual aids and is a place for various conferences, seminars and cultural programmes.

In the era of constant challenges the affiliation of various computer courses with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University provided necessary competitive as well as academic strength. English being a global language, career development is almost unimaginable without achieving fluency over this language. Hence for providing flaw-less over all personality development an English speaking course has been successfully started. On account of the rapid expansion and massive rush of the students towards English subject it has become significant to offer English as main subject at UG level in arts faculty.

There is no end to the human longings and dreams over fade. In spite of constant growth and steady progress much is to be done because there are miles to go before we sleep. The twenty first century demands a superior infrastructure and sound fiscal fitness.

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