Chairman's Desk

 Greetings to our prospective students of M.B.College of Commerce & Shri G.M.N. Lalji Arts College, Dehgam accredited "B" Grade by NAAC . We look forward to your joining this most reputed, prestigious, the oldest and the biggest Institute of Dehgam Taluka with qualified and competent faculty, excellent facilities and adequate infrastructure, both for curricular and extracurricular activities. The College was established in June, 1966  to take up the challenges of effective education and training of professionals for careers in Arts and commerce. The institute has excellent infrastructure. HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT of students is the only drive of the institute.. The college and Dehgam Taluka Education Society has developed and flourished under the leadership of the then income tax commissioner, Shri Mangalbhai P.Patel, who nurtured the Institute for last 35years.The College has well equipped class rooms, Interactive Learning Center, beautiful premises, well natured garden, separate reading Hall, Rich Library, fully equipped Computer lab, DELL Lab, healthy academic atmosphere, boarding facilities, staff residence and a play ground to make solid infrastructure of College.

The institute provides five full-fledge subjects at UG level. The College has proud history of Sports, NSS and NCC. The active participation of institute in co-curricular activities has enabled to snatch numerous trophies and awards from various youth festivals and sports meets. Our College aims to educate, train, develop and prepare young generation in the field of Arts, commerce and business to make them effective, confident and self reliant.


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