Alumni Associaton

Long back the alumni association was formed and work was done actively but this practice had been stopped since last few years, but it has been revived since last year the record of the alumni has been maintained.

Activities done • Felicitation of ranker students • Felicitation of well-placed renowned students • To provide information regarding various job oriented courses planned to offer to the students • To discuss the future plans of development of the College.

The above mentioned alumni and many other well-placed alumni have always contributed and helped the institution financially and Physically as and when needed. Even they help and support in the co-curricular activities.

Dr. Hitesh Bhatt

Details of Alumni Association
Year Name Designation Name of Company Agency
1980 Shri Gautam Amin Director Krishna Group
1998 Sharma Rakeshkumar Shamadbhai Lecturer Om Ptc College Mota Chiloda, Ta & Dist. Gandhinagar
1998 Patel Bakorbhai Babubhai Teacher Gnyandip High School,Prantij Dist-S.K
1998 Prajapati Hemantkumar Kantibhai Teacher Prathmic Shada,At & Post-Deh,Jam Khambadiya Dist-Jamnagar
1997 Patel Kiritkumar Ramabhai Teacher High School,Shiyavada,Ta-Daehgam Dist-G,Nagar
1998 Mansuri Rajeshkumar Aadambhai Advocate Dehgam
1999 Patel Bhadreshkumar Purshotambhai Lecturer P.T.C College Amarbharti
2000 Patel Ashokkumar Lecturer P.T.C College Amarbharti
  Patel Chandrikaben Kanubhai Teacher Uchatar High School.Tenpur
1999 Patel Nilamben Vishnubhai Teacher Botad Scholl,Botad
1997 Limbachiya Rohitkumar Bhalabhai Police Constable  
  Amin Balubhai Jashubhai   Management Sabarkhantha Dist Bank,Vadagam
  Amin Gaurangbhai   AUDA Usmanpura,Ahemdabad
  Amin Jyotshnaben   Cosmos Bank, Sarangpur,Ahemdabad

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